Hire Me !

Who am I ?

I am a full time mum and a part time illustrator. ‘How do you manage both?’, I can hear you say…  Well, I am so passionate with my illustration work, that I schedule in time to work during nap times, in the evenings and on the weekends too. I have excellent time management skills and planning skills (I used to be a project manager in the past) so I am able to finish all projects by their agreed deadlines if not before.

Where do I live ?

I currently live in the UK and have been here for the last few years. I work primarily from home, although occasionally when my husband is home on the weekends, I do take a few hours to work elsewhere in order to get more done.

What do I do?

I draw. I illustrate. Simply. I always start with a pencil sketch on paper. Nothing beats that for me. I then scan the sketch and retrace it digitally. I colour digitally.

How do I work best?

I work best when I have been given all the information regarding the project. That means that trust and honesty are a necessary part of my process. I must have a trusting and honest relationship with my clients.

Working Conditions

Once I have been debriefed on the project, I will start sketching. Once the sketch phase has started, the client will have a maximum of 1 corrections/ adjustments before I start digitalising and colouring the illustration(s). More than 1 corrections/ adjustments can be made for an additional fee.

Final file format

In the end, what you will get is an illustration(s) in a format of your choice (either pdf or jpg), flat (meaning without the layers). I never send my original/ source files.

Payment Method

Before I start sketching and after we have discussed the work, you will get a Project Proposal document where i stipulate prices, terms and conditions and all the nitty gritty copyright and licensing stuff.

I ask that you send me 50% of the total amount upfront. Once this is received, I will start working. I only accept bank transfers. Currency is GBP. The remaining 50% is due once I have completed my work. You will receive the low res file(s) with a watermark. Once I receive the remaining 50%, I will send you the high resolution file(s) without the watermark.

How to order an illustration(s)

In order for me to better understand what you need and before I send you a quote, I need to know the answers to a few questions.

What is it and what is it for?

What is the size of the illustration?

How many Illustrations do you need?

When do you need it/them?

Have you got a budget  and if you do, what is it?


Copyright is granted for the purpose of the mentioned project only. The Artist retains the copyright of the Artwork for self-promotion, in the Artist’s portfolio, for the production and sale of prints, cards, calendars and similar products, and for inclusion in collections of the Artist’s work, provided that the Artist does not use the Artwork in connection with a literary or cinematic work of any kind.

If it is a merchandising license you are after, please note that I can grant you exclusive rights for these provided a few conditions are met.


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