Free Stuff for kids

Because of the current global situation, I thought I’d share here again some of the things I made for my own child in the past, that I personally intend to use again. Just print and have fun.

There are colouring sheets, and an alphabet of transports phonics sheets collection for you to download, and a few activity sheets as well. 

And if you have any ideas, for colouring pages or activity sheets, do let me know.

Colouring Pages

I love a colouring page and I make many for my own kid so if you are looking for some for your own child or for yourself, please feel free to download these and use them for your personal use only.

Activity Sheets

These were originally ideas for my own toddler. I’m sharing these here with you to enjoy with your little ones too.


My four year old is learning to read and write. For a bit of fun, I’ve made a transport Alphabet for him to use to practice his letters. Sound the letter, circle it in a word and colour the object. I hope your little ones will enjoy these.