Free Stuff

Because I know how expensive children’s things are, and how much childcare costs , activity books, holiday clubs are,  I have chosen to share a few things on here free of charge for you and your children to enjoy.

Since you enjoy listening to me on my blog and website and you buy the books i illustrate, why not? As a thank you.

So far I have a few colouring pages, seasonal activity sheets and bookmarks (if you would like to print them and use them with your books).

And if you have any ideas, for colouring pages or activity sheets, do let me know.


With each book coming out, I occasionally will create a few bookmarks for you to enjoy. After all, we loooooove love love reading books, don’t we? To make printing easier, I have made all files in an A4 size. Just click on the item of your choice and print.

Colouring Pages

I love a colouring page and I make many for my own kid so if you are looking for some for your own child or for yourself, please feel free to download these and use them for your personal use only.

Activity Sheets

These were originally ideas for my own toddler. I’m sharing these here with you to enjoy with your little ones too.