Illustrator Saturday – Leila Nabih

Because I do love to share my progress online with my fans, family and friends, I thought I’d drop in a line today to mention that I am today’s Featured Illustrator on Kathy Temean’s Blog, Writing and Illustrating.

It is such an honour and a privilege to be featured on such a specialist blog. I feel like I’ve crossed another milestone with this feature. I’ve been following her and her blog posts for more than three years now, and she has been a very valuable source of information for me to learn about the processes, the ins and outs of the children’s books industry, and to meet virtually other individuals with the same passion as mine.

I highly recommend anyone working in the children’s books industry to follow her blog and subscribe to her posts. You can thank me later !

Enough chitter chatter for today. Head on over to her blog and read my interview.

Writing and Illustrating

Leila’s illustrations combine hand drawn lines and digital elements. She loves drawing bunnies and cats, as well as little boys and girls. At the moment she is working on a few self initiated educational projects to benefit her two year old toddler and submitting picture book dummies to a variety of publishing houses. She has self published a couple of books and is currently working on another two. She has also been commissioned to design and create picture books as gifts for little children from their parents, aunts or friends.

Leila has a French baccalauréat in sciences, a Bachelors degree in chemistry with a thesis in organic chemistry, a Masters degree in international business and a certificate of achievement in illustrating children’s books from a London based school. She speaks several languages and have grown up and lived in around 10 countries across the world (so far).

Here is Leila discussing her process:

Most of my…

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Insights from fellow writer and illustrator Brittanny Handiboe

Recently, fellow writer and illustrator Brittanny Handiboe attended a conference in the US where she met various professionals and learned a great deal on how to improve her craft. I loved her insight blog posts so much that i asked for her permission share them with you. Fell free to ask her any questions and don't forget to follow her on her blog and social media to watch the progress she makes on her journey.

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