Leila is a professional illustrator of children’s picture books whose style would be most appropriate for children between 3 and 7 year olds. She creates illustrations which combine hand drawn lines and digital elements. She is a self taught artist and is  constantly working on improving her craft.

Of both French and Egyptian origins, Leila has travelled the world extensively. She speaks five languages, has a bachelor degree in organic chemistry, a masters degree in international business, as well as a diploma in illustration from a renown London college.

She loves whimsical and soft paced stories where the main characters are little people and where the messages are subtle. She enjoys fiction most of all but is open to consider non fiction if the story resonates with her.

She has illustrated five picture books in the last five years, and is always working on new projects, whether self initiated or private commissions. What she enjoys the most is drawing children. You can see some of her illustrations here.

You can also find and follow her on social media. Here are the links to the platforms she regularly uses :

If you are interested in representing Leila or seeing more of her work, please do not hesitate to get in touch by sending her an email at leila (dot) nabih (at) gmail (dot) com or getting in touch via her contact form here .

Amongst her clients feature Auristech, Allied Artists, Big Belly Books, and Independent author Lisa Jones.


You can find all the books she has published here.


You can find out more about me on my most recent online interviews. If you wish to have me on your platform, please get in touch at leila (dot) nabih (at) gmail (dot) com .


  • Sketch for Survival (2018) – Leila was part of a collective exhibition of artists from around the world for the Explorers Against Extinction NPO . The exhibition travelled the world from London ( Oxo Tower Gallery) to New York.
  • Tiled London (2018) – Leila was part of a collective exhibition of Illustrator in 2018 where the subject matter was the city of London. The exhibition was curated by Ingrid Anderson and took place at the Nolias Gallery in London.
  • Pictures at Play (2017) – Leila was part of a collective exhibition of children’s books illustrators in a 2017 exhibition at the Half Moon Theatre in East London, organised by the SCBWI and judged by professionals in the industry.