2019 in review

This is late coming but i have very good reasons. We have been plagued with illness at home and when my four year old is unwell, i can’t do much around the house as he won’t let me.

So lets talk about 2019. 2018 wasn’t a great year for so many reasons, so 2019 was mostly trying to get back on track with my plans.

  • I finished Little Lena and the Big Table by author PJ McIlvaine and it was published in May 2019 by Big Belly Books.
  • I was featured as Illustrator of the month on Kidlit 411 in September 2019.
  • I illustrated two new digital little books for a new client. One collection of Nursery Rhymes and another called Ellie goes exploring.
  • I finished illustrating The Adventures of Bear – Surprise by my favourite author Lisa Jones.
  • I signed up for illustrating using ink class which i loved. Ive decided to include pieces inspired by that class in a new portfolio.
  • I have been helping out a new client with their logos and labels.
  • I gave animation a little try and have been playing with this every now and then with the aim of making it another part of a new portfolio.

And that’s it. Being a full time mum is a full time job so I’m quite happy with what i have achieved in 2019. I am hoping for a more successful 2020.

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