2017 in Review

Because I need to have that sense of self achievement, I’ve decided to do a review of all my major activities in 2017. Managing a household and a toddler is very time consuming so any progress I have made will give me the confidence to move on forward. Things tend to feel like they move very slowly since i can only work during nap times and in the evenings and weekends.  So this is for my followers as well as for myself. Here goes:

So what did I do in 2017?

Online Interviews:

  • As a featured illustrator on the SCBWI WEBSITE.
  • On the fabulous kidlit411 website.
  • On the one and only Writing and Illustrating Children’s Books  blog and website, as one of Kathy Temean’s  Illustrator Saturday‘s.
  • On the Smart Dummies Challenge Event.

Books Published

  • Illustrated “Christmas Eve” for award winning author L.A.Jones.
  • My English version of Litt’l Red as a picture book, based on the dark Perrault version of the fairytale
  • After more than 18 months in the making, finally published Joy’s Sneakers.
  • Illustrated a series of animals and published them as a collection in a bilingual book.


I am feeling very grateful right now and am hoping 2018 will be even better.

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