Part 2: Postcards (a “webinar” blog)

Today, I thought I’d share a very well written and detailled article about postcards, written by a friend I met on the so popular Facebook platform. We are very far away from one another in terms of location, but we found each other through our common passion: picture books.

And since I am getting ready to send out some postcards, her post came in very handy indeed. Enjoy! And be sure to follow her and her adventures.

Jena Benton

I know writers will automatically think this is a post only for illustrators and that’s not true.  I also know that some already published and professional illustrators will think this only applies to newbies, but I’ve got something for the PALs here too.  This post will have a little something for everyone: writers, illustrators, newbies and those already published.  I promise!

First, let me address the Part 2 in the title.  I know many of you will be wondering why this is Part 2, when there was no Part 1.  I will explain.

You see, as writers (W) and illustrators (I) interested in publication, we all know that there are some things we need to get into the business (or keep in business) of children’s books.  You need the following list of things:

  1. A physical manifestation of your work: a manuscript (Writers), a portfolio (Illustrators), a dummy (Author-Illustrators), or a…

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