What’s in a Cover?

Great blog post about Whats in a cover. Have a read through.


Guest Post by Hazel Mitchell

How’s that saying go? ‘Never judge a book by it’s cover’? Wise words when applied to people, but as far as picture books go — the cover is certainly the first thing we judge. No matter how wonderful the contents of the book if the cover doesn’t appeal to the viewer, it’s all over. And viewers come in so many different guises–marketing people, reviewers, book buyers, librarians, teachers, parents, readers–and your book has to compete with a gazillion other books for shelf space or on a  website or in a catalog. So baby, that cover had better have vavavoom!

In days gone the cover image was often an illustration from an interior spread. Now the cover is usually a completely separate illustration.

Think of it as a movie trailer or a poster. It’s the first selling point of your book. You are looking to sell the best parts of…

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