Insights from fellow writer and illustrator Brittanny Handiboe

Recently, fellow writer and illustrator Brittanny Handiboe attended a conference in the US where she met various professionals and learned a great deal on how to improve her craft. I loved her insight blog posts so much that i asked for her permission to share them with you. Feel free to ask her any questions and don’t forget to follow her on her blog and social media to watch the progress she makes on her journey.

Here are her insights:

  • She had a portfolio critique done on her current work from two different panels. It’s always interesting to hear what others have to say about different portfolios. It’s an insight that might help each of us improve our own: From Dreaming to Doing.
  • How to write and personalise a query letter to an agent / publisher: Query Letter Notes.
  • A brief summary of the type of publishers out there and the differences between them. That was particularly interesting to me as I am currently researching these for my own work: Small Press vs Large Press

Thank you Brittanny for allowing me to share these here.

You can follow Brittanny here:

And a sweet taster of her artwork just for you .

Brittanny Handiboe 2017

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