Book Reviews

Some of you are probably already aware of this, and some maybe not. I run another blog online where I only do picture book reviews. It’s called Reading to Baby and you can find it here.

Since I have received a few requests to review books, and consequently to explain my review process, I thought I’d just write a little about it here so that those of you who have published a book and would like me to review it, can find all the information you need. I only review, however, hardback or paperback books to which i have access, so if you would like me to write a review about your book, the first condition is that you send me a copy of your book by post.

The blog started with books I borrowed from the local library to read to baby when he was still just an infant. It’s grown a lot since i started and I havent missed a weekly post yet.

Reviews are published every Friday of every week of the year.
My reviews usually start with first impressions, from my part and especially from my little 2yo boy (provided the book is appropriate for his age). He loves books. He knows which ones he likes and which ones he doesn’t like.
  • Here are a few things I look at:
  • How did he react to the book?
  • Did he pick it up ? Did he turn the pages or did he loose interest quickly?
  • Did he open it more than once?
If the book is meant for an older audience, i review the book myself.
In terms of images, I share the book cover image and an inside illustrated double spread of the book.
What I share in my review are the following items:
  • Book Title
  • Author, Illustrator or Author/ Illustrator
  • Date it was first published
  • Publisher name
  • Themes, Topics
  • Opening Sentence
Then its looking at its structure in more depth:
  • Number of pages
  • Illustrative Style
  • Page Numbers
  • End Pages
  • Additional notes and comments about things like the story structure, the impact, or a special page, what works for me, what doesn’t , what i really liked or what i didn’t like. And I’m fairly honest. And these are my views of the book, or my boy’s perception. No one else.

And is you want me to, I can also share where readers can buy the book or find you. Up to you.

So? Is this something that’s of interest to you? Yes? Lovely. Get in touch on Reading To Baby’s Contact Page. I always reply to messages and I promise I won’t bite. You can access that page directly by just clicking here.

Tata for now !

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