An activity book for the summer

Or , as I’d like to call it, an experiment in digital collage. 

I’ve just made available online a quirky and whimsical activity book for girls (and maybe boys too?) around the theme of animals. Obviously , I’ve entitled it “My Animals”. It’s available on my website in the books section, should you want to purchase it. 

The idea of this activity book is to collect images, pictures, drawings of certain animals and stick them in there just like you would do if you had an album. The illustration are all done using digital collage, and I though adding a bit of real collage to the book, would add to its charm.

So for example, below , on the right page of the book, is the illustration of cat. On the left page, you can tape or glue, magazine clippings, or drawings you’ve either done or found of cats. Same goes for the other animals in the book. 

I remember distinctly , when I was a little girl, I use to love collecting things . I had a collection of scented erasers, pencils, stamps and pictures of cats. I used to cut photographs or illustrations I found in magazines or in books and put them altogether in a folder that had the image of a cat on its cover. I loved it. I still have this folder. Brings back lots of memories of childhood. So that’s why I’ve decided to make this little animal book into an activity book. 

I hope, whomever you get this book for, enjoys it as much as I’ve enjoyed making it. 

And if you really like one of the illustrations in the book and would like to have it as a print or a cushion, why not check out my society6 shop and indulge in some shopping. And if your favourite animal from the book isn’t available in the shop, just let me know and I’ll add it to the shop just for you. 

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