Nancy Armo’s ‘A Friend for Mole’

Some of you might already be aware of Nancy’s first picture book ‘ A friend for Mole’ , some of you might not. I thought I’d write a few words about it, in case you are interested to find out more about it.

I received the book a few days ago and i absolutely loved it. It tackles issues that were major to me personally when i was a little girl, and i can imagine my little boy will have to deal with those as well as he grows a little older. Those are ‘the importance of friendships’ and ‘fear of the dark’. I dont know about you, but i was afraid of the dark and i remember distinctly how important it was for me to have friends to go to when i had a tough time at school. I didn’t need a whole bucket load of friends, but i needed at least one. And I felt invincible when we were together.

The book is a series of wonderful and delightful illustrations of our friend the mole and the situation he finds himself in. How a friendship developed out of a basic need and what that meant for the both of them.

I was so excited when i received it, that i took pictures…


Nancy was interviewed on Kathy Temean’s Blog Illustrating and Writing (, and it was a very interesting read for me personally.

If you want to see more of her work , you can visit her website, follow her on Facebook , Instagram and on twitter.









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